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Reflexology in carlton

Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology
Reflexology involves working mainly with the feet. Reflexology in Carlton, nottingham restores balance to the body, promoting a sense of well being, whole body is treated, not just the symptoms.

Reflexology comes in many different adaptations, the reflexology in Carlton at gaia treatment & therapies is the Gentle Touch method. This is an extremely relaxing treatment, and although a gentle touch is applied during the treatment, it is still firm enough not to tickle or irritate the feet.

Variations in the quality of the reflex points within the feet can indicate that an area of the body is out of balance. By working on such areas, the body is able to rebalance itself. A medical diagnosis is not allowed, although feedback on the reflex points will be given, if desired.

A full treatment lasts 60 mins, although it maybe necessary to offer a shorter treatment time, based on information gathered during consultation. Full treatment costs £38.
Although some practitioners of reflexology practice within the first trimester of a pregnancy, we have decided at GAIA, not to do so, we are happy however, to work with pregnant ladies after this 12 week period.

We would also not work with people suffering from thrombosis or cancer without medical consent.

Children under 16 years old will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Reflexology in Carlton.

need help with headaches, stress, hormonal and digestive issues, aches and pains, feel under too much pressure, can help ME and fatigue, sinus problems, depression, multiple sclerosis and lots more, then have reflexology in Carlton at gaia treatment and therapies based at remedy health and beauty treatments.

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