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I've recently started to mix and match my skincare suppliers, this ensures I really do have something for everyone. I've made my choices based on them using natural products, sustainability, cruelty free, company ethics and the results achieved:

The main ones I'd like to tell you about are:

Sea Magik - these blend natural Spa minerals with marine actives to treat skin symptoms such as excessive dryness, congested and also ageing skin. Their products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, free-from harsh ingredients, are sustainably sourced and kind to all skin types.

Germaine De Capuccini - a Spanish company whose products combine plant extracts and vitamin based organic ingredients, that are NOT tested on animals, in fact the products I choose from this range are Vegan, so for all you vegans out there, you can be reassured that my facials are 100% suitable for you.

Although the number of products I can choose from has grown, my facial menu for YOU to choose from has been simplified, you decide which facial group you'd like and based on your consultation, I'll decide the facial to give you the results you seek.


    This consists of a detailed consultation, together we'll discover what you like/don't like about your skin, what you'd like to gain from having facials or by home care, what are your issues/concerns, we'll go through your existing home care routine and current products, you'll receive a mini facial (cleanse, exfoliate, mask, moisturise and eye cream). I'll then recommend a plan for you, which will consist of future treatments and where there are gaps in your home care.

    If you decide to purchase a course of treatments (6 for the price of 5) or purchase 3 or more products, the cost of this treatment is FREE.


    This relaxing facial will help revitalise your skin but also allow your mind to calm and take a breather too, consists of cleanse, exfoliate, massage, serum and moisturise / eye cream.


    Choose this facial if you feel your skin has lost it's vibrancy, is congested, is sensitive or just feels tight and lacks moisture. I will draw on a number of products, techniques and equipment to address the issues you have with your skin. Your skin will feel refreshed and renewed.


    These facials target ageing concerns such as jowls, loose sagging skin, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and effects from pollution. If you want to focus on any of the areas mentioned above, this is the option for you. I will adapt the techniques and equipment I use to enhance the results achieved. These facials include a free upgrade to a deep exfoliation. Equipment used may include gua sha crystals, hot & cold stones and facial cupping.

  • GUA SHA - (60 min) £55

    A relaxing facial using ancient Gua Sha techniques to give a toning and lifting benefit to the skin. This facial focuses on relaxation, as well as providing anti-ageing benefits.


    An add on to any facial/peel - LED-Xpert is a light therapy mask that works on four problem areas:

    1. Ageing - Stimulates the production of collagen & elastin reducing the effects of ageing & re-plumps the skin.
    2. Pigmentation - Improves the appearance and prevention of pigmentation and dark spots.

    3. Congestion - The acne forming bacteria is destroyed,  spots are calmed & acne scaring is reduced.

    4. Sensitivity - Reduces redness, repairs, strengthens & soothes the skin, great for the treatment of Rosacea and over sensitive skin.  



    Micro-needling is a procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. It's a 1 hour 30 minute treatment which benefits a number of skin problems including scarring and acne scars.

    The procedure starts with a cleanse and mild chemical peel, a serum is then needled into the skin causing a mild trauma/slight redness, a soothing /repairing mask is then applied to complete the procedure.

    Recommended as a course of 4 every 2 weeks, although there is no reason why a one off treatment cannot be performed as a boost to the skin, a course will give more intense and longer lasting results. With every course choose a calming balm or factor 50 moisturiser, both recommended after this treatment.

    Things you need to be aware of:

    4 Weeks Before STOP  Botox/fillers and treatments that produce hypersensitivity.

    STOP 2 weeks before: Sunbeds/sunbathing, waxing/electrolysis, depilatory creams.

    STOP 1 week before: Exfoliators that are drying/irritating, products with Retinol, AHAs, BHAs or Benzyl Peroxide

    STOP 24 hours before; self-immune topical treatments.

    After the Treatment / Aftercare:

    You may experience tightness or reddening, slight itching or peeling for 2-5 days afterwards.

    • Use Intensive Relief - use as often as you feel you need to help soothe the skin.
    • Always use a SPF 50 avoid direct sunlight for at least 7 days.
    • Do not exfoliate for at least 7 days.
    • Avoid Make-up 24 hrs
    • Avoid excessive exercise for 24 hours.
    • Avoid using products containing alcohol, retinol, AHA's/BHA's for 48hrs 
    • Do not have another intensive facial procedure for 2 weeks, an normal hands on facial after 1 week is fine.

    This treatment is not suitable for the following conditions:

    A history of allergies, rashes or other skin reactions

    Active cold sores/herpes

    Taken Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) within the past year

    History of skin cancer or received radio/chemotherapy in the last year

    Heart conditions, blood disorders or taking anti-coagulants

    Pregnant or breast feeding/lactating

    Open wounds; sunburn, excessively sensitive skin, dermatitis, inflammatory rosacea or active acne in the area being treated.

  • CLINICAL PEEL - 1 Treatment - £45 / course of 4 - £160

    A deeply renewing and anti-oxidising peel, although gentle enough for use on all skin types.

    It works on neutralising skin damaging free radicals, stimulate collagen and elastin, to delay ageing, strengthen the capillaries to reduce redness, skin texture is improved, reduces lines and wrinkles, unifies skin tone, smooth and softens the skin.

    Recommended a course of 4 - 1 every week, then maintenance 8-12 weeks.


Germaine De Capuccini Facial products available to purchase within the salon. 


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