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Swedish Massage

The perfect place to start if you're new to massage or following other treatments such as Physio, Sports Massage, Chiropratic Manipulations etc, as we can help maintain the muscles keeping them supple and in prime condition.

During your treatment, massage oils will be used to facilitate a smooth yet effective massage to help relax you, stimulate your muscles, aid circulation and flush out toxins, promoting renewed energy.

Rather than breaking down your massage by body parts i.e. back, legs, full body etc, I feel it's in your interest to choose the appropriate time for your massage to last and to be able to choose what areas need some work.



Di Spitzmuller (VTCT level 3 Practitioner)

  • 30 Minutes - Wellbeing/Serenity £25 / Deep Tissue £28
  • 45 minutes - Wellbeing/Serenity £32 / Deep Tissue £35
  • 60 Minutes - Wellbeing/Serenity £38 / Deep Tissue £42
  • 90 Minutes - Wellbeing/Serenity £48 / Deep Tissue £55
  • Experience: Practitioner level with 10+ years massage experience, prefers to work deeply depending on what issues are found but also feels its important to work to the clients prefered pressure.


When booking your appointment, if you are unsure how long you'll need, please ask for advice, we will discuss with you your areas of concern and suggest what time slot we feel you'll need.


Add on 15 minutes of massage with hot stones to help enhance the benefits of your swedish massage. Particularily good for stubborn areas and to help sweep away any toxins released by the massage. £10



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