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Facials by Germaine de Capuccini


Germaine De Capuccini is a global skin and body care leader, sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. Their products combine plant extracts and vitamin based organic ingredients that are NOT tested on animals.

The majority of products by Germaine De Capuccini are vegan based, therefore by replacing a couple of non vegan products, I am able to deliver a VEGAN results driven facial, this will be discussed during you're consultation.

Aftercare and advice will also be discussed upon consultation,

  • PRESCRIPTIVE FACIAL - (60 min) £45

    We will recommend to you upon consultation the best personalised facial adjusted to suit your requirements, and skin type. Includes extraction, if desired or recommended. Skin will be left feeling rejuvenated and fresh.


    A cut down version of the above facial, ideal for those who want their skin cleansed and revitalised but don't have the time for luxury.


    Perfect for the most delicate of skins. Hypo-allergenic and specifically for skin which reacts easily, this treatment will calm and soothe with the goal of getting your skin able to cope once again with normal skin care.

  • HYDRACURE - (60 min) £48

    Restores Hydration and prevents water loss whilst also strengthening and improving firmness. 

  • C+ (VITAMIN C) - (70 min) £48

    A rejuvinating anti-aging line based on Vitamin C, an excellent natural ingrediant with great benefits for the skin, improving it's luminosity, vitality and youthfulness. 

  • RIDES - (60 min) £65

    An intensive anti aging facial that helps smooth out and prevent expression lines and wrinkles, the products used contain ingredients that help repair and strengthen the skin from the inside. Botox effect but with a smile.

  • OXYGEN THERAPY - (70 min) £65

    A truly superb treatment using a complex of active proteins and oxygen that help to keep skin looking young and youthful, great for reducing darkness and puffiness around the eyes.

  • LIFTING & FIRMING - (70 min) £70

    Provides flaccid or sagging skin with volume, lift and firmness. Working the root of the problem to restructure and redefine the facial contour. 


    Lifts the eye lids and smooths out lines around the eyes, you really do notice a difference immediately!
    As a one off treatment £45, includes a cleanse, tone and moisturise.

  • PRO 60+ (60 minutes)

    A powerful anti-aging treatment that firms and helps in providing wrinkle reduction, revitalisation, improved pigmentation and hydration. the active ingredients in the facial also boosts cellular regeneration.

  • LED MASK - £15

    LED-Xpert is a light therapy mask that caters to different skin problems, ranging from acne to anti-aging, all in one mask. The mask can be added onto any facial/peel.

    The video to the left from Germaine de Capuccini explains in more detail about the LED mask.


    Micro-needling is a procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. Its a 1 hour 45 minute treatment which benefits a number of skin problems including scarring and acne scars.

    Four weeks before the treatment you must STOP the following: Botox/fillers and treatments that produce hypersensitivity. STOP 2 weeks before: Sunbeds/sunbathing, waxing/electrolysis, depilatory creams. STOP 1 week before: Exfoliators that are drying/irritating, products with Retinol, AHAs, BHAs or Benzyl Peroxide and STOP 24 hours before; Self-immune topical treatments.

    This treatment is not suitable for the following conditions:

A history of allergies, rashes or other skin reactions

Active cold sores/herpes

Taken Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) within the past year

History of skin cancer or received radio/chemotherapy in the last year

Heart conditions, blood disorders or taking anti-coagulants

Pregnant or breast feeding/lactating

Open wounds; sunburn, excessively sensitive skin, dermatitis, inflammatory rosacea or active acne in the area being treated.


Germaine De Capuccini Facial products available to purchase within the salon. 


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