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What is Foot Health?


What is the difference between a Chiropodist / Foot Health Practitioner?

In theory none, Chiropodist are being replaced by Foot Health Practitioners (FHP), i.e. you can no longer train in chiropody. In general terms, most Chiropodists will have been in practice longer than a FHP, therefore, again in general terms, will have more experience and if proactive will have additional skills that they have trained in.

Both Chiropodists and FHP's will perform nail trims and nail reduction, ingrown nail treatment, callus and corn removal, verruca treatment / advice, are able to treat diabetic patents and be able to treat and offer advice on a number of different ailments of the nails, skin (such as athletes foot) and foot care in general.

All of these services are available with all our therapists and when you call for an appointment you will be asked some basic questions about your feet to ensure you are placed with the right therapist for you.

What is a Podiatrist?

To train as a Podiatrist (Pod) you have to do a 3 year degree course, a Pod can do all that a Chirpodist/FHP can do, but are more likely to do the more serious foot health issues, they can do minor operations to resolve issues and will ideally be able to offer local anesthetic, as pain relief.

Wilde Pedique Toe Nail Reconstruction

We also offer Wilde Pedique Toe Nail Reconstruction - which is a specialist gel that is flexible and can be trimmed as the nail grows, contains fungicides which may help with fungal infection of the nails and is very long lasting, helping the natural nail to grow, whilst protected by the gel. All our therapists offer this treatment

FootBalance Custom Insoles

FootBalance Insoles support your feet properly by putting your feet in the neutral position, aiding a balanced stance and correct body posture.

The feet act as a platform for your entire body. Often muscles and joint pain in the back, hips, knees and ankles stem from incorrect alignment of the feet. Studies have shown that orthotics help to address the alignment issues behind many injuries. Poorly fitting insoles place your feet in an unhealthy position, impairing foot function and mobility. They are uncomfortable can cause pain and bruising to the arches. Custom moulding is the only way to guarantee a perfect fit.

If you suffer from:

Planter Fasciitis- Achillies Tendonopathy- Painful Feet- Collapsed Arches- Low Back Pain- Shin Splints- Burning sensation under the balls of the feet. FootBalance Insoles maybe the answer!

30 day 100% Comfort Guarantee. Large range to choose from.

If you have any questions regarding appointments or queries please do not hesitate to contact Linden Dougall who is qualified to fit the insoles at Remedy,

The Foot Studio

Linden Dougall MSSCh, MBChA (MSM), HCPC reg CH19670

Opening Hours 

Monday - Wednesday 

9am - 3.30pm

Please call to book 

01159617005 / 07414256342



Gaia Treatments & Therapies

Di Spitzmuller (SAC Dip FHP)

Di is a fully qualified Foot Health Practitioner and also offers a Medi-Ped - a number of different options to create a treatment that ensures the feet are in good medical condition with the added bonus of a relaxing pamper treat to ensure they also look and feel great too.

Her working hours are Mon - Tue 4pm - 8pm, Wed 12 noon to 8pm, Thu - Fri 9am- 8pm and Saturday upon request.

Call on: 01159617005 or 07989084090

Porchester Footcare

Tom Blair DipCFHP MPS Practitioner

Tom currently works from Remedy on Mondays 9am till 6pm. He also covers treatment for patents requiring home visits in the Nottingham and surrounding area.

Call 01159617005 to arrange an appointment with Tom

Libertas - Deb Triffitt

Deb Triffitt Dip. RM (MSM),SAC Dip FHP 

Debs works from Remedy on Thursdays from 9am till 6pm and is also available for home visits

To book an appointment with Deb, call 01159617005

It may be possible to accommodate appointments outside of these hours. Please call to book or enquire.

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