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Foot Health Treatment

A Foot Health Treatment includes the treatment of corns/callus, verruca, nail trims, minor ingrown nails, fungal, thickened and lifting nails, fungal skin conditions such as athletes foot, diabetic foot advice and general foot care not covered by the above.

Is this chiropody?

No we are not chiropodists but perform similar treatment - What is the difference?

Professional Fees

Foot Health Treatment 

45 minutes - £30

Extended Foot Health - 60 minutes - £38 (for feet that require a little more work)

Foot Health with Foot Scrub and Mask - £45

Skin rejuvenation (no nail work includes scrub and mask) - £38

Foot File, Scrub with Collagen Booties - £25


Toe Nail Reconstruction

Using specialist gel that is flexible and contains mild anti-fungal properties we can rebuild missing or severely damaged nails.

One Large Nail £40

Both Large Nails £50

All Nails £60

Add on £20 for additional work e.g. corns/callus removal, nail trim (additional 20 minutes)



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